The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas


The Hate U Give is a Black Lives Matter inspired novel about a 16-year-old girl seeking justice for her childhood best friend, Khalil, who is murdered by a police officer.

Angie Thomas perfectly captures the teenage perspective of Starr Carter, who learns from a young age to cope with violence and trauma but is still learning what it means to use her voice. By bringing to life two different worlds—Starr’s predominantly black, low-income neighborhood, and her affluent, mostly white private school, Thomas shows readers what it’s like for Starr to constantly have to prove herself to others, and to walk a thin line between loyalty and survival.

Thomas’s  characters and candid writing honors both black Americans who have lost their lives, as well as the people who continue to fight for justice even as they grieve. Whether or not you’ve been personally affected by racial violence, this book will hopefully encourage readers to consider a new perspective in a story that is, tragically, all too familiar to Americans today.

“I stare at the two Khalils. The pictures only show so much. For some people, the thugshot makes him look just like that—a thug. But I see somebody who was happy to finally have some money in his hand, damn where it came from. And the birthday picture? I remember how Khalil ate so much cake and pizza he got sick. His grandma hadn’t gotten paid yet, and food was limited in their house. I knew the whole Khalil. That’s who I’ve been speaking up for. I shouldn’t deny any part of him.”